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We offer a number of different internships across our business. In our India offices we have a trainee program for students. You will work with us full time from July through September. Afterwards, you get an opportunity to join Legato as a permanent employee based on your performance, evaluation, and the role availability.


Our internship opportunities


Positions are available in a number of different teams, including:

  • IT Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Finance

  • Compliance

  • IT Support

Please check our Careers page for intern vacancies.




Comprehensive list of frequently asked questions which should help with any careers queries.


What are the programs available and when can we apply?


We have a range of different programs within the Legato in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, which vary year on year, depending on business requirements. All programs which are currently open for applications are shown on the website. We do not accept CVs for programs not currently listed. If there are no programs currently advertised that suit your interest, we encourage you to check back at a later date.


What are the skills and qualifications required?


Skills and qualifications requirements are unique to their respective programs. Each program will carry the skill requirement in detail on the career website.


How is the application and selection process structured?


All applications must be submitted using our applicant tracking system. Typically, you will submit your CV and may also be asked to answer some accompanying questions. The selection process may vary slightly between programs, but usually you will:

  • Be sent a relevant online test (e.g. coding or numerical reasoning)

  • Be invited for a phone interview

  • Be invited for final interview with hiring manager and HR


Can I apply for more than one program?


Yes, you can apply to any number of programs you think are suitable.


What is the salary, and are there any other benefits?


We offer competitive salaries and regularly benchmark against industry standards. More details may be shared during the application process depending on the programs applied for.
Associates also have access to a range of additional benefits, which we believe make working at Legato even more rewarding.


Will I receive training and progression opportunities?


All programs have a comprehensive development plan which consists of class room training and on the job training, face-to-face learning, access to extensive online learning materials and mentoring.
Most areas of the business have competency requirements for their roles. You will be able to access these to help you identify what knowledge and skills you need to acquire to get to the next level.


Where can I learn more about the working hours and company culture?


Our standard work hours are 9 hours per day and 5 days a week. Some areas of the business are required to work shifts to cover service requirements so working times may vary. If this is the case, this will be discussed during the application process.
To discover more about our working environment and company culture visit Life at Legato.