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Life @ Legato

Success Begins Here

A rewarding career of holistic growth and enriched experience starts here at Legato, a recognized leader in health care combined with the innovativeness and vibrancy of a start-up.

People First Community

As a people-centric organization, we focus on the holistic development of our associates. Through extensive learning and robust development framework, associates are able to widen their horizons and script their success stories.

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Inspiring Culture

We are committed to empowering our associates in all ways so they can live out their dreams and purpose. By inspiring innovation and creating a pleasant workplace through cultural programs, sports events and more, our people stay engaged, challenged, and appreciated.

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Worthwhile Experience

To ensure that associates stay at their best now and in the long term, we provide competitive compensation and a range of comprehensive benefits such as rewards and recognition programs, health and medical insurance, time off from work, and best in class amenities that keep associates and their families healthy and secure.

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As a recognized leader in healthcare, Legato offers holistic growth, a rewarding career, competitive compensation and benefits, and an enriched experience through the equal opportunities and diverse exposure we provide.