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Legato Introduces BPaaS Offering For Health Plans

December 01, 2021
Legato Health Technologies has launched a new Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) product, expanding its existing suite of technology and business process services to best meet the needs of health plans of all sizes.
Legato, a Managed Service Provider that specializes in providing technology and business processes services to US health plans, has been instrumental in delivering numerous innovative solutions across the payer value chain and in driving digital transformations that are reshaping the industry.
“We are excited about the launch of our BPaaS product as it offers health plans a winning combination of platform and service for health plans operating on legacy platforms or looking to enter new markets,” said Rajat Puri, President and Designated Partner of Legato Health Technologies.  “Health plans of all sizes can now look to Legato’s BPaaS offering to position them to compete with some of the largest players in the market.”
 The unique combination of capabilities available through Legato’s expertise and the real-time capabilities of the underlying claims and admin platform enable health plans to respond to new opportunities, take on new business with reduced complexity, streamline existing lines of businesses, and improve MLR all while making better, more timely information available to members and providers.
The primary platform at the core of Legato’s BPaaS offering is HealthEdge’s HealthRules Payor® (HRP).  HRP has a digital platform at its core and offers a revolutionary approach to configuration, claims processing, and transparency of information. “We are honored that Legato has selected our capabilities over multiple platforms. Their vote of confidence ultimately translates to advantages for their health plan clients, including speed to market,” said Steve Krupa, HealthEdge Chief Executive Officer.
Through Legato’s BPaaS solution, health plans can optimize workflows, produce high quality, affordable solutions, ultimately reducing cost of operations for any book of business and enabling health plans to redirect focus and resources from back-office operations to strategic initiatives enhancing the experiences of members and providers.
About Legato
Founded in 2017 as a fully owned subsidiary of Anthem Inc., Legato Health Technologies is committed to transforming healthcare through operational excellence, innovation and digital transformation. With over 25,000 associates worldwide and growing quickly, Legato has the scale to effectively implement global operating models and drive digital transformations that help Health Insurers reduce cost and improve service delivery. Legato has a global footprint, with offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad in India, in Limerick, Ireland, Metro Manila and Iloilo in the Philippines. Follow Legato Health Technologies on LinkedIn.
About HealthEdge 
HealthEdge® offers the health insurance industry’s leading next-gen solution suite providing automation and seamless connectivity between all parts of a payer’s administrative and clinical systems. HealthEdge provides modern, disruptive healthcare IT solutions that health insurers use to leverage new business models, improve outcomes, drastically reduce administrative costs, and connect everyone in the healthcare delivery cycle. Its next-generation enterprise solution suite is built on modern, patented technology and is delivered to customers via the HealthEdge Cloud or onsite deployment. In 2020, funds managed by Blackstone became the majority owner. HealthEdge and its portfolio of mission-critical technology assets for payers, including Source® and GuidingCare®, are collectively driving a digital transformation in healthcare. Follow HealthEdge on Twitter or LinkedIn.
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