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Enterprise Data & Analytics

Enterprise Data & Analytics

Legato’s Enterprise Data Foundation Management services provide progressive solutions and support for data integration and visualization, which lie at the heart of driving informed decision making for health insurers . The end-to-end platform management encompasses provider platforms and cloud data platforms, including migrations between the two.

The analytics and reporting capability spans across client analytics, clinical rules engines, cost of care analytics, financial analytics, member analytics, PBM analytics, product analytics, program integrity analytics, and provider analytics to deliver superior health economics.

Why Legato

  • Transformed business operations and application development
  • 24*7 business support for all critical data solutions and applications
  • Superior stakeholder experiences and improved margins through collaborative AI/ML development, streamlining scalability, and optimal consumption of data and insights
  • Reduced cost and effective commercialization of applications / solutions due to cloud adoption
  • Data-driven personalized interventions to improve provider and member experience
  • Self-sufficient product teams to improve speed to market by leveraging time zone difference

Learn how Legato can transform your operations and ensure happier customers.

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