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With service excellence at its core, Membership Operations helps Payers deliver a smooth and seamless experience for their members. We simplify member operations through intelligent automation in business processes for all rule based and repetitive process through RPA, OCR and VBA etc.
Member Operations protects members’ information by upholding the highest standards of customer service and integrity, and interactive decision guides provided by the systems securing members’ data. We also enable end-to-end tracking of inventory and service delivery and focus on risk based audits in line with member touchpoint measurement(MTM) guidelines.

Why Legato

  • Convenient and efficient payment processing
  • Faster ramp up to efficient productivity
  • Consistent year on year FTE benefits on automations delivered
  • Efficient management of inventory and proper utilization of resources to manage peaks and troughs
  • Error-free processes

Learn how Legato can transform your operations and ensure happier customers.

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