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Provider Data Operations

Provider Data Operations

Legato offers high impact transformational initiatives that drastically improve provider operations.  Solutions such as Provider Data Management (PDM), Provider Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Strategic Provider System (SPS) enable digital provider enrolment, provider self-service for attestation and changes, and unified data source for intake and uptake.
By unifying provider core systems, Legato enables value stream mapping while driving better IT – BO collaboration. Providers benefit immensely from Legato’s error detection tools, data defect comparison, automated loading, price modeler, and standalone process level macros / bots.
Other services include a one-stop call centre to better serve their partner health care providers, supporting them with a variety of information from patient insurance eligibility to medical and dental benefits to claims status, real-time provider updates and consumption to downstream functions, external provider data sources comparison and reliability checks powered by AI and ML.

Why Legato

  • Improved Customer Experience:  Fewer member and provider abrasions, improved claims payment, late fee and interest reduction, better Net Promoter Score and market audit compliance scores
  • Operational Excellence: Lesser aged inventory, improved directory accuracy, simplified automation
  • Greater Productivity: Lower contact center call volumes, elimination of complex business rules, reduced seasonality dependency
  • Proactive insights for strategic management of operations

Learn how Legato can transform your operations and ensure happier customers.

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