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Sales Support

Sales Support

Using a Holistic Approach to Help Deliver Suitable Healthcare Products and Services to Customers

Sales Support helps augment health insurer’s onshore sales operations through robust back office support. The team helps process requests for proposal (RFP), update underwriter spreadsheet references, produce renewal letters, audit client information, and maintain Salesforce integrity among other functions.

The team brings to the table solid administrative skills and attention to detail, enabling them to analyze proposals, provide guidance on viability of prospects, help renew current customers, and build new business for health insurers . This well-rounded approach enables Sales Support to guide product development efforts of health insurers .

Why Legato

  • Robust back-office support
  • Assists sales renew existing clients and build new business
  • Faster turnaround time for RFPs leading improved conversion of opportunities

Learn how Legato can transform your operations and ensure happier customers.

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